How to Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a very low-maintenance exterior for a house. It lasts for many years and doesn't require painting. Vinyl siding does, however, require periodic cleaning to stay looking as good as new. You can do this cleaning quickly and easily with a pressure washer and detergent solution.

  1. Caulk any cracks in the vinyl siding so water can't seep behind the wall. Allow the caulk to dry for a week before you pressure wash it.

  2. Prepare the area around the wall that you're washing. Cover surrounding plants, throw the disconnect on nearby electrical plugs and close all windows and doors. Purchase a pressure washer compatible detergent that are available at home improvement stores.

  3. Adjust the pressure washer nozzle to low pressure mode. You may need to change nozzles depending on your pressure washer; refer to the owner's manual. Put the additive injector of the pressure washer into the detergent solution.

  4. Spray the washer at the vinyl siding from a couple of feet away. Work from the bottom to the top of the wall in sections, without allowing the detergent to dry.

  5. Scrub any stubborn areas with a soft bristle cleaning brush. Scrub in a circular motion, but be careful not to gouge the siding.

  6. Switch the pressure washer to high pressure mode and remove the injector from the cleaning solution. Purge any detergent from the pressure washer.

  7. Rinse off the detergent residue from the vinyl siding. Start from the top and rinse down the wall in sections.

  8. Make sure to rinse down the areas near the wall and don't leave any standing suds from the detergent.

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