How to Install a Bathroom Sink

Installing a new bathroom sink takes time and attention to detail. However, once the project is completed, a new bathroom sink will bring a new look and style to your bathroom. Install a bathroom sink carefully to avoid making any errors that could damage the surrounding counter tops or flooring.

  1. Use the cutout from the sink manufacturer to trace an outline on the counter top. This will be the area you cut out for the sink. If a cutout isn't provided, use the inside of the cardboard box the sink came in. Trace the outline of the sink, and then move in approximately another inch and draw another line. Cut the cardboard around the inner line you drew to serve as your tracing guide.

  2. Drill a starter hole with the saw, and cut around the traced line. When coming close to finishing the outline, be diligent to support the underside of the counter top so it doesn't crash to the floor.

  3. Put a drop of plumber's putty on the drain, and install the drain assembly and washers. Then, tighten the locking nut to attach the drain plumbing to the house water plumbing.

  4. Install the faucet into the faucet markers in the sink. After installing the faucet, run a line of silicone adhesive under the bottom edge of the sink.

  5. Align the sink with the front edge of the cut out in the bathroom counter. Press down firmly around the lip of the sink to set the seal on the sink.

  6. Apply a thin line of caulk around the edge of the sink once the adhesive has set. Smooth the caulk with a wet finger.

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