How to Organize Clothes Hangers

If you’re tired of rummaging through piles of clothes looking for your favorite black skirt while the hangers in your closet are in disarray, most of them hopelessly tangled together, it’s time to organize that mess.

Organize your closet by color.
With a few tips and little motivation, your closet can become a haven of orderliness. .

Purchase extra hangers if you don’t have enough to hang all of your clothes.

Take everything out of your closet. You can’t truly organize if there are boxes and shoes in your way. Besides, as you hang up your clothes, you’re bound to find some that you don't want anymore. If they’re in good condition, consider giving them to charity.

Sort your clothes by item. Put all of your skirts in one pile, dresses in another, pants in yet one more. Fold pullover sweaters neatly and put on a shelf or in a drawer to keep from stretching. Sort button-up sweaters used as wraps into a pile with your suit jackets.

Save the highest rod in your closet to hang dresses and pants on. Shorter rods can accommodate shirts and skirts.

Press as you go. This adds some time to your closet-organizing chore but you don’t want to pull that shirt off the hanger next month only to find out it is unwearable because of the wrinkles. Iron every item as it goes into the closet and make it a habit from now on to press all clothing as it goes on a hanger.

Organize by color. You’ve already determined that their style--skirts, shirts or dresses--will function as a sorting criteria, but now take it a step further and sort within those groups by color. You get dressed by color, so you’ll save time by grouping items this way.

Hang pants and skirts on clip or press hangers only. Folding them over a regular hanger guarantees you’ll end up with a horizontal crease where you don’t want one. If you have pants made of lightweight fabric, go ahead and put two on one hanger.

Finish your organizing by arranging your shoes and accessories. Scarves and ties can hang from clips on regular hangers, and a hanging shoetree saves space by utilizing the back of your closet door.

Things You Will Need

  • Shirt hangers
  • Skirt hangers
  • Coat hangers
  • Ironing board
  • Iron


  • Keep only seasonal clothes in your closet. Pack away ones that won't be worn for six months to make room for the ones you need right now. Out-of-season clothes only take up space and collect dust.

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