How to Light a Match

If you want to light a camp fire or a candle, you need to know how to light a match.

Matches come in different types and different packages and they aren't all lit the same way. There are a couple of different methods to light a match.

Hold a wooden match between two fingers of one hand and hold the match box in the other. Push the wooden match along side of box while holding the match between your thumb and two forefingers flicking it quickly as you move. You will see the flame start.

Light a wooden match a second way by striking it on a rock. Hold it with one hand and flick it quickly against the rock.

Place a wooden match over a candle until it catches alight from the flame.

Strike paper matches by flicking them quickly across the match box or match book. Open the match book and pull off a match from the pack of matches. Hold it between your thumb and first two fingers.

Move the match across the back of the match book starting near you and moving it away from you. Watch the flame start.

Light one match and then hold it carefully in one hand. Pull out a second match and place it close to the first match until it catches light.


  • Don't press too hard or you will break the match.
  • Watch for sparks.
  • Don't hold the match for too long or you will burn your fingers as it burns down.