How to Clean Granite Floors

The strong, tough appearance of granite tile flooring belies the soft touch it requires.
This resilient stone needs only a damp mop and mild dish soap to restore its luster, making it a low-maintenance feature in your home. When cleaning a granite tile floor, be careful not to slip on the wet stone, as granite becomes very slippery when wet.

Step 1

Remove surface dust with a clean and dry, non-treated dust mop. Dust and dirt are corrosive elements that can damage your natural stone floor.

Step 2

Fill a bucket with lukewarm water. Add a few drops of mild dish soap and swish it around with your hand for a few seconds until a soft mound of suds form.

Step 3

Run the soapy string mop over the granite floor in small sections. Keep the floor wet but don't create puddles of water.

Step 4

Rinse out the mop to remove the soap. Spill the soapy water out of the bucket and rinse it to remove the soap. Fill it with warm water only.

Step 5

Go over the floor again with a damp mop. Change the rinse water if it gets cloudy.

Step 6

Dry the granite floor with a microfiber cloth or a soft terry cloth towel. If a white residue remains, re-wet the mop and wipe the floor again. And next time, add less soap to the bucket.

Things You Will Need

  • Non-treated dust mop
  • Bucket
  • Mild dish soap
  • Rag mop
  • Microfiber cloth


  • Blot spills on granite floors immediately with a paper towel. Avoid wiping so that the spill doesn't spread. Spot-clean the area with mild soap and water, rinse and then dry with a soft cloth.
  • To protect the granite from stains, oil and ultra-violet rays, seal the granite tile floor at least once a year or as needed. Choose the sealer best suited to your floor and lifestyle.

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