How to Vacuum the Bottom of your Pond

If your pond is near a tree or you find debris is being blown in from neighboring areas, you can vacuum the debris from the bottom without having to clean the entire pond.

Two ways to vacuum your pond bottom

Manual pond vacuumManual pond vacuum
Start your vacuuming after you have netted out the sticks and leaves. You will vacuum out the finer debris.

There is an electric vacuum called Pondo Vac. It works well, but does not perform effectively if the bottom of your pond is deeper than 3' or your Pondo Vac sits high next to the pond, so the hose has to reach further than 3'. The manual pond vacuum, adapted from a swimming pool vacuum, works well to remove the pond debris from the pond bottom.

Attach the mesh bag or panty hose leg (preferable) to the vacuum. Use a strong piece of twine to tie it on.

Attach the garden hose to the vacuum.

Attach the telescoping rod to the vacuum. This will allow you to stand on the ground and still reach all over the pond bottom.

Put the vacuum in the pond. It's important to put the vacuum in the pond before you turn on the water. If you don't, you will get wet.

Slowly push the vacuum cleaner over the bottom of the pond. If you can see the bag or panty hose getting full of debris, remove it, dump out the debris and begin vacuuming again.

Things You Will Need

  • A garden hose
  • • A swimming pool vacuum attachment
  • * A telescoping rod
  • • A mesh bag or panty hose
  • • A length of strong twine to attach the bag or panty hose to the vacuum


  • If you have a cutoff valve on the end of your hose, you can turn off the water when you remove the vacuum from the pond. If not, you will get wet.


  • Always unplug your pump or lights.
  • Always use a GFCi (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet for any electrical device near water. It cuts off the electricity instantly if water touches it.

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