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Generac 7000EXL Features

Misty Faucheux

Generac Portable Products is a brand of generators produced by the Briggs & Stratton Corporation, which is headquartered in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. This company produces the Generac 7000EXL portable generator. A portable generator provides you with power no matter where you are working, and you can also use these generators to supply power to your home during an outage. You can purchase Generac products from authorized dealers.


The Generac 7000EXL Phase 1 portable generator weighs 240 lbs., but it has two large wheels, which help you move it. It produces up 12,250 watts when you're powering up the motors of appliances, and it provides up to 7,000 watts of continuous operating power. It produces up to 58.3 amps at 120 volts of continuous AC load current and up to 29.2 amps at 240 volts. The rated frequency of this generator is 60 hertz. The fuel tank holds up to 7 gallons.


The 7000EXL generator has a 20-amp push-to-reset circuit breaker, and this circuit breaker keeps the generator from overloading. It also has a 12-volt DC, 10-amp receptacle, which helps you recharge 12-volt batteries. The Extenda Panel feature provides you with power during an outage, or you can use the cords as extension cords. This feature allows you to operate your generator outside.


The Generac 7000EXL comes with an air cleaner filter, which is located on the side of the generator and prevents dust and debris from entering the engine. The spark arrester muffler has a screen that protects the spark arrester, and it also reduces engine noise. The idle control switch keeps your engine running at the lowest speed when you don’t have anything connected to the generator. It increases engine power as soon as you plug something into the generator. The choke lever helps you start up the engine even when you haven’t used it in a while.


Never use more than the rated wattage capacity, or you may damage your generator. Read your electrical device manual to determine the wattage for each device, and then add up these numbers. Always properly ground the generator before using it, and you can use the grounding wing nut for this purpose. The grounding wing nut is located on the lower left-hand side of the device. Switch the “Run/Stop” switch to "Run" before starting the engine. Hold down the “Start” button to start the engine.