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Generac WheelHouse 5500 Generator Information

Misty Faucheux

The WheelHouse 5500 is an example of a portable Generac generator. This generator provides you with power and electricity during a power outage, and you can also use this portable generator for powering camping or outdoor equipment. You can purchase Generac equipment from authorized dealers. Generac, headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, started in 1959, and it specializes in pressure washers and generators, including residential, portable, and commercial generators.


The Generac WheelHouse 5500 is a one-phase generator with a rated frequency of 60 hertz. At 120 volts, it produces up to 45.8 amps of continuous alternating current load current, and it produces up to 22.9 amps up to 240 volts. It can produce up to 8,500 surge watts, which provides you with a few seconds of power to start electrical appliance motors. It produces up to 5,500 watts of continuous power, which is the power that you need to keep your electrical systems running. This generator has a power factor of 1, and the fuel tank holds up to 5 gallons.


The weight of the WheelHouse generator is 153 pounds, and it has two large wheels on the back of it, which helps you navigate rough or uneven terrain. The generator has two 120-volt AC, 20-amp outlets, and it also has a 120/240-volt AC, 30-amp outlet. The outlets plus the circuit breaker is located in a covered panel. The grounding wing nut is located on the rear, lower right-hand side of the device, and an air cleaner is located on the front, which protects the engine from dust and debris.


Run your generator for at least 30 minutes every seven days to keep it in maximum working order. Or, store it for over 30 days and shut off the valve and remove all fuel from the fuel stabilizer containers. Then, fill up the tanks with gasoline, and run the generator for a few minutes. This distributes the gasoline throughout the device and protects interior components. This action allows you to store you generator for up to two years without damaging any internal components. Always keep the generator away from wet or humid areas.


The Generac WheelHouse 5500 features a removable fuel tank, which helps you easily remove and refill the tank. It has a choke lever, which helps you start up the machine even when it’s cold outside. It also features a recoil starter, which helps you start your engine. The oil fill cap and dipstick are located on the side of the device to help you easily check oil levels and fill the generator.