How to Remodel an Old Shed

An old shed can be an eyesore if it is neglected. Metal sheds can rust, and paint on wood sheds ages and peels. You might even find that you do not use your old shed much anymore because it does not fulfill your needs. Follow these steps to remodel your old shed to look more attractive and provide proper storage.

  1. Remove all items from your shed.

  2. Inspect the shed walls and roof for damage and leaks, and repair if necessary. Replace broken boards on wooden sheds, and remove rust on metal sheds with a wire wheel.

  3. Tighten screws and hammer popped nails to ensure integrity of the shed walls.

  4. Clean the shed inside and out with a high-pressure hose or pressure washer.

  5. Paint the shed. Make sure you use outdoor paint that is designed for the surface material of your shed.

  6. Oil the hinges and latches on your shed doors to help the doors open and close more easily.

  7. Take inventory of the items that will be stored in the shed. Add shelves, hooks, bins, or other items to help you organize your shed. Theses organization tools will help you keep your shed tidy, and also enable you to store more items in your shed.

  8. Make your old shed attractive again by surrounding it with eye-catching landscaping.


  • Always protect your hands, eyes, and mouth when using a pressure washer and other power tools.
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