How to Install Vinyl Fencing on a Slope

Vinyl fencing is durable, requires little to no maintenance and won't rot or fade. It is available in three different styles: privacy, a solid panel; picket, shorter and can be seen through; and shadowbox, looks the same on both sides. Installing vinyl fencing on a slope requires the step method. The result is a fence that resembles steps on a slope.

Installing Vinyl Fencing on a Slope

Install Vinyl Fencing on a Slope
  1. Lay out fencing, including posts, over the entire area where it will be placed. Place a stake where each post will be installed. Tie string tightly across the ground from stake to stake to create a straight horizontal line.

  2. When reaching a sloping area, tie the string around the stake and pull tightly to the next post. Keep the string straight and horizontal. Use a board to extend from the string to the ground. Drive in the stake. Repeat this method for the entire slope until the ground levels out. The stakes and attached string will resemble steps.

  3. To install the fence, use a post-hole digger and dig holes for the posts. The hole should be deep enough to put one-third of the post into the ground plus 6 inches for gravel. Make the hole 10 inches wide. Fill 6 inches of the hole with gravel for drainage.

  4. Mix the concrete according to the package instructions and fill the post hole. Tap the post into the hole making sure that it is plumb. Use bracing posts to hold the post's position until the concrete hardens. Repeat these steps for all posts.

  5. When installing posts on the slope, the height of each post will be different, which creates the steps.

  6. When the concrete is dry and all the posts are secure, attach rail brackets to each post according to the manufacturer's instructions. Slide fence panels into brackets and use screws to secure.

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