How to Build a Bungalow

The bungalow has been called as the "classic American housing type," and it's making a comeback as people are looking for one-level homes that are easy to navigate through, even for the elderly or those with mobility issues. The process of building a bungalow is a complicated one.

  1. Purchase a lot of land in an area you would like to live. You may need to buy land that already has an old house on it that you can tear down to build a bungalow.

  2. Make sure you have enough money to build a bungalow. Even if you build it yourself, unexpected costs are sure to arise. Plus you'll probably need to outsource some of the work like plumbing and electrical to skilled tradespeople.

  3. Determine your desired square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Purchase bungalow plans or get ones drawn up to your specifications and budget.

  4. Pour the foundation after all the necessary building permits have been acquired. It's important to properly set a foundation in a bungalow so that you can use the basement. A basement in a bungalow can be used as a dark room or extra entertaining space, so keep this in mind when you build a bungalow.

  5. Figure out your interior and exterior finishes. This is as important as making sure the structure of your bungalow is sturdy if you want to make sure you build a bungalow that is your dream home.

  6. Choose your contractor wisely. With so many cookie-cutter two-story homes being built, some contractors may not know how to or be interested in helping your build a bungalow. Make sure they know what they're doing before you hire them.

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