How to Join Kitchen Worktops

Joining kitchen worktops is a must when you have two mitre tops or you have a long run and must seam two tops together. You may join kitchen worktops together in several ways, depending on the situation. A router is the best tool for this job. You may also need wood blocks.

  1. Use a router when you join kitchen worktops. Slide the two tops together. Mark 3 or 4 lines on the bottom side across each worktop. Now, turn your worktops over and cut a T into your worktops. Use a ½-inch router bit. Make the T about 1 inch deep into your worktops.

  2. Get some tie-bolt fasteners to hold your worktops as you work when you join kitchen worktops. These fasteners have a bolt with two flat, wide washers. One slides over the bolt end and one screws onto the threads of the other end. This bolt takes a 7/16 open-end wrench to tighten.

  3. Apply caulking in between the joints of the kitchen worktops when you join the two tops together. Caulking acts as a glue and a water sealant so water won't penetrate the raw edges when you join kitchen worktops.

  4. Attach wood blocks to the underneath area of your worktops. These wood blocks must be 1-inch wide by 6 inches long. Glue and nail the wood blocks 1/8 inch back of your cut areas on each side of your worktops. Leave a ½-inch gap so you may insert your tie-bolts. Let these blocks dry thoroughly before you put your tie-bolts in your ½-inch slots (or gaps). Then, tighten your tie-bolts. This secures your two worktops together.

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