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How to Install Plumbing For a Wet Bar

If a wet bar is placed in an area already served by (or having close access to) existing water lines (including the main water line as well as hot and cold water lines), installing the plumbing for a wet bar is much easier. For the purpose of this article, we will assume that this is the case.

  1. Shut off the water supply. (It is probably best to do this to the whole house while completing this project.) Open all faucets and allow the pipes to drain as much excess water as possible.

  2. Cut into the hot and cold water lines, using your pipe-cutting tool.

  3. Use the “T” fitting as a placement tool to mark where the water line will need to be taken out to accommodate new piping, and cut the section(s) out.

  4. Clean and smooth the cut ends of the pipes thoroughly.

  5. Measure the amount of plastic pipe you will need to run water lines from where you tapped into the water source to your wet bar area. CAREFULLY cut the plastic pipe, using a fine-toothed saw or hacksaw, to the desired lengths.

  6. Repeat Step 4 for the plastic pipe that has been cut, as well as for any fittings you will be using to join the pipe.

  7. Brush the solvent cement onto the pipe end(s) and fitting(s). Use a LOT of solvent cement on the pipe end(s); use a little less on the fitting(s). Make sure that all surfaces of the pipe end(s) and fitting(s) are thoroughly covered.

  8. Immediately join the pipe end(s) and fitting(s). When you do, give them a little twist. This will ensure you get a tight fit.

  9. Use pipe fittings that curve at a 90-degree angle to bring the pipe through the wall and out to where it will connect with the wet-bar sink. (It may be necessary to measure and cut additional pipe where it comes out from the wall.)

  10. Install the sink and other appliances according to the manufacturers’ instructions.