How to Fill in Burn Holes in a Carpet

No matter how large or small the burn hole in your carpet is, you can easily repair it with a little time and knowledge.


Examine the burned area carefully to determine how much of the carpet must be replaced. You need to replace an area that is slightly larger than the burn hole. Use a piece of white chalk to draw your cut lines around the damaged area.

Locate a scrap of carpet left over from installation if you have one. If you do not have any carpet scraps lying around, you can take a scrap from an area that is not noticeable. A good place to take your patch from is the back corner of a closet.

Use a utility knife to cut along the chalk markings. Separate the pile of the carpet with the fingers on your opposite hand so you are cutting the backing of the carpet only and not the pile fibers.

Remove the damaged piece of carpet. Vacuum excess dirt and debris from the hole that you left behind.

Take the damaged piece of carpet that you removed and lay it on top of your carpet scrap. Take care to line up any patterns in the pile of the carpet, and then draw around the outside edge of the damaged piece, using it as a pattern to create a duplicate replacement piece. Cut along the drawn lines.

Place the replacement piece of fabric in the hole where you removed the damaged piece. Secure it in place using hot glue, carpenter's glue or carpet adhesive.

Inspect your repair to make sure the seam is not visible. If the seam is showing, glue a few pieces of carpet fiber in place to conceal the seam.

Things You Will Need

  • Chalk
  • Utility knife
  • Vacuum
  • Glue


  • Consider buying a carpet repair kit that come with an assortment of colored fibers and everything else needed to complete carpet repairs.
  • If the burn spot on your carpet is on the surface only and has not burned all the way through, try shaving the burn off before doing a patch repair. Use a razor blade and lightly shave the top of the fibers. This works best on shag and other high-pile carpets.