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How to Make a Police Billy Club

Kirk Maltbee

The police-issued baton, also known as the “billy club,” is a standard among many law enforcement agencies. The clubs are generally preferred for their host of uses, from disarming and restraining suspects to being used as a visual deterrent.

While modern batons are either steel retractable versions or made from plastic polycarbonate fibers, a do-it-yourself homemade police-style baton can be made from wood as they once were, but be advised: Certain laws restrict citizen usage in certain states.

  1. Use the tape measure to measure 21 inches on the wooden stick and mark the measurement with the pencil. Saw according to the line you drew. You should now have two sections, one measuring 21 inches, the other measuring 7.

  2. Sand away any burrs along the cut line, as well as sand the entirety of both wooden pieces till both are smooth. Wipe or blow away any sand dust. Measure 6 inches from either end of the larger wooden shaft and mark the measurement with a small dot.

  3. Use the electric screwdriver to screw the wood screw into the dot you drew on the wooden shaft, stopping once the tip of the screw is showing. Place one end of the smaller wood shaft flush against the screw tip and hold it in place while you finish screwing the pieces together. Wrap the smaller piece (the handle) with grip tape if desired for better control.

  4. Warning

    To avoid possible law violations, resist the temptation to color the stick, which may make your copy appear real to police and may be mistaken as an act of aggression.

    Use the baton as home training equipment only; despite the baton not being official, potential injuries may occur from misuse.