How to Make a Glass Block Bar

So the old tavern needs some sprucing up and you're wondering how to do it? One way would be to build a glass block bar. Glass block is sturdy and appealing to the eye. It adds a nice art-deco touch to the room too. Now let's explore what it takes to construct a glass block bar.

Be The Coolest On Your Block With A Glass Block Bar

  1. Measure out the size. See how much bar your bar room can handle so you know how much material to order. Your measurements need to accommodate the size of glass blocks you will use on the inside of the frame.

  2. Build the frame. Construct a frame the size and shape that fits your design. Mount a kick plate along the bar so people's shoes don't mark up the glass block. If you want to have storage in the bar, make the frame so it can accommodate shelving and/or cabinets on the back side then run a divider to build the glass block up against on the other side. If you choose that as your design, be sure to plan your idea thoroughly.

  3. Run electrical. If you're going to have outlets in the bar, now is the time to plan where they will be and run the wiring accordingly. Keep in mind that you can run rope lights in between the glass block; this is another reason to plan the electrical before building the blocks.

  4. Build a base. Make sure you have a solid sheet of wood or metal across the bottom of your frame to build the blocks on. It must be level or you'll run in to trouble as you add layers.

  5. Add the top. Unless the glass block will also act as your bar top, then you should mount your wood, marble or other top material now. It's not good to be hammering and drilling stuff on top of the glass block. It would be a shame to crack the blocks after they're secured in place!

  6. Build the blocks. Lay the first layer without cementing them. This way you can adjust the spacing to match your frame size. Once the spacing is right, then secure the blocks in place with clear silicone. The silicone can also act as your grout or you can grout later with something else. Continue with each layer until you reach the top.

  7. Order a drink. It's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and have a toast to your new glass block bar!