How to Vacuum in Extremely Tight Cracks

No matter how many vacuum hose attachments the vacuum cleaner manufacturers come up with, there are always going to be those tight cracks and corners that you just can't reach. But with a little creativity and some help from your recycle bin, you can even clean underneath your refrigerator ... and reach all the way to the back!

  1. Plug in your vacuum cleaner near the tight areas you need to clean. Adjust your vacuum as needed so that you can use the hose attachment, and equip the hose extension wand if one comes with your particular vacuum cleaner.

  2. Affix the empty paper towel tube or gift wrap tube to the end of the hose or extension wand. There are a couple of ways to do this; if you don't want to use duct tape, scrunch one end of the tube so that it will fit inside of the hose or wand opening. This won't provide a completely airtight seal, however, so you will lose some suction power if you do it this way. For more power, hold one end of the tube up against the hose or wand opening and connect them using duct tape. Wrap the tape around several times until you have an airtight seal.

  3. Use the cardboard extension to reach in all kinds of tight places like beneath the fridge, in HVAC ducts and behind heavy furniture. Since the cardboard is flexible, you can easily push it against firm surfaces to get the tube to bend around corners. You can also pinch and fold the opening, if needed, to get into even tighter spots.

  4. When you're done cleaning, remove the tape and prepare the vacuum cleaner for normal storage. If the tube isn't too bent or dirty, you can store it with the vacuum to use again for the same purpose.