How to Build a Homemade Hammock

There is no better activity during the lazy, hazy days of summer than no activity at all. Lying in a hammock in the shade and taking a nap or reading a book is one of summer's greatest pastimes. Build your own homemade hammock so you can enjoy the summer weather in the laziest way possible.

  1. Find a spot in your yard to build the hammock. You need two trees that are about 12 to 15 feet apart. Large trees are best for support.

  2. Figure out how much canvas and rope you will need to purchase by measuring the distance between your trees. For an average size hammock you need 3 1/2 yards of canvas. The amount of rope you need depends on how far apart your trees are. You need three lengths of rope or hammock cord for each side.

  3. Fold over the ends of the canvas about 3 inches and stitch down the edge with a sewing machine and heavy-duty thread to create end flaps. Insert a 3-inch by 4-foot dowel into each flap.

  4. Screw in three heavy duty 2-inch eyehooks, evenly spaced, on each dowel. Cut six lengths of rope. Insert one end of the rope into one eyehook. Tie a square knot. Repeat for all six eyehooks and rope lengths.

  5. Insert 3-inch rings on both of your trees. Place these high enough so that when you get in the hammock you will be off the ground.

  6. Braid the ends of the rope lengths on one side of the hammock. Insert the end of the braid through the eyehook in the tree. Tie a square knot. Repeat for the other side of the hammock.

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