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How to Make Your Own Hammock From Bedsheets

Susan Patterson

A comfortable outdoor living space is just not complete without a hammock. Imagine lying in a hammock while the birds sing and the wind blows the hammock back and forth. Enjoying the outdoors is exciting when it can be done cheaply, comfortably and easily. But hammocks and hammock kits can be expensive.

A hammock is a comfortable way of enjoying the outdoors.


If you're hanging the hammock from trees, use tree-saver straps to keep from damaging the trees. Bring the hammock inside when the weather is bad to prevent rotting. Tighten knots frequently to ensure a longer hold.


Hang the hammock securely before getting into it.

An alternative is to make your own hammock from supplies on hand. You can make a hammock from any strong fabric, including bedsheets. This project is so easy; anyone can do it.


  1. Cut the sheets to the proper size. The width should be between 36 and 46 inches. The length should be about 2 feet longer than the user. Cut the sheets as straight as possible. This will make the sewing go faster.

  2. Lay one of the sheets on top of the other. They should be the exact size. Fold the edges of both sheets over about 1 inch and sew each folded edge to keep the hammock from fraying and falling apart.

  3. Tie a large knot in the sheets at each end of the hammock. This will make an anchor for holding the rope. Pull the knots tight. Don't tie the knots too close to the edge of the hammock. If they are to close, they may slip out.

  4. Cut rope into two 3-foot lengths. Tightly tie one piece of the rope to each end of the hammock, in front of the knot. The knot will hold the rope in place. Tie the rope several times around the hammock for greatest hold. Tie the rope ends into loops for hanging. Check the secureness of the loops and knots before hanging the hammock.

  5. Hang the hammock in a secure place with strong rope. Allow enough room on both sides of the hammock for swinging.