How to Install a Bidet Attachment

If you want to install a bidet, consider installing a bidet attachment to your existing toilet.

A bidet attachment is a great and easy-to-install attachment to convert your home toilet into a soothing bidet. Here are the easy steps needed so you can enjoy the benefits of a bidet attachment.

Remove the seat off your toilet by unscrewing the attachment screws. Take the time to clean the mounting screws and the top of the toilet while everything is apart.

Place the flat part of the bidet attachment on the toilet. Match the holes on the bidet attachment to the seat mounting holes on the bidet, and re-attach the toilet seat on top of the bidet.

Drain your toilet tank by shutting off the supply line and flush until the toilet is empty. Detach the water supply from the tank.

Connect the bidet's adapter according to the manufacturer's directions. There should be a valve that serves to divert the water from the supply line of the tank to the bidet attachment when needed.

Make sure you tighten all connections and turn the water back on. Check the supply line, adapter and bidet attachment for leaks over the next few days and make any necessary adjustments to avoid leaks.

Things You Will Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Bidet attachment
  • Supply line
  • Adapter for toilet supply line and tank
  • Washers


  • Bidets generally reduce toilet paper waste as much as much as 90 percent. This means less money flushed down the toilet, literally.