How to Replace a Canopy on an Outdoor Swing

Replacing a canopy on an outdoor swing can be a bit tricky, but sometimes it is necessary to do. Each year spring and summer storms ruin the canopy on these swings and they can be expensive to replace. The smart consumer would make a detachable cover that is removed during these powerful storms so that the canopy is spared. This article is based on replacing a canopy on a two-seat swing, but you can modify it to find larger swings as well.

  1. Remove the old canopy and measure the length and width. You will need to add six inches to the length. Go to your local fabric store or department store which has a craft department, and buy the material and a heavy-duty tablecloth; make sure the tablecloth matches your material somewhat.

  2. Position your material face down and lay the tablecloth on top facing upwards. The tablecloth will need to be the same length as the material but not as wide, so make sure there is at least a two inch difference with the tablecloth being smaller then the material.

  3. Carefully lift the tablecloth off the material as needed. Squeeze the liquid adhesive on to the material and smooth the tablecloth over top. Place books or blocks of heavy wood on top the tablecloth and allow it to dry.

  4. Lay the material over the frame and stand under the frame and material. Fold under the part of the material which over hangs over the bar. Mark the spot where the edge of the fabric touches the other area of fabric.

  5. Sew or use liquid adhesive to apply hook and loop tape to the edges of the material and to the other side of the fabric where you have marked it. Lay the canopy over the frame and hook it into place.