Make Floor Pillows

Floor pillows are a perfect accent to any room in a home, not just, as widely thought, the living room. In fact, the best use for a floor pillow, beyond siting and resting, is decor. Making a floor pillow is not hard to do and, in fact, is fairly inexpensive.

Make Floor Pillows

Determine pillow size. Floor pillows can be whatever size that you want them to be. You can also take the cover off of an old floor pillow and just recover it with a new one.

Buy the material. Go to your local craft store or Wal-Mart to buy the material. Some craft stores have bargain bins that contain material that has been reduced in price. Buy the amount needed.

Cut and pin material. Use a ruler to measure how much of the material to cut and then mark it. When you finish cutting, pin the two pieces of material right side together.

Sew material together. Use the sewing machine to sew all sides of the pillow. Take out the pins as you come to them. Leave an opening big enough to stick your hand in.

Stuff with pillow batting. Reach in the pillow and grab the bottom and pull it through the opening. Now the pillow is right side out. Fill it with pillow batting until you have the desired thickness. Finally, sew the opening shut.

Things You Will Need

  • Material
  • Pillow Batting
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine


  • When buying material for your floor pillows, remember to buy an extra yard in case you mess up.
  • Floor pillows do not have to be made out of just plain cotton material. In fact, you might want some material a little bit sturdier, such as denim, leather, corduroy or vinyl.
  • Instead of just traditional square pillows, try making the floor pillows in different shapes such as round or triangles. Another idea is to make your floor pillow and then crochet or knit a covering for it or add some lace trim or tassels.
  • Instead of using batting, try using a pillow form.


  • Be careful when pinning and sewing the two pieces together. If you do not make sure that they are right side together you will have to take the stitches out and resew them.

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