How to Change the Look of a Fireplace

Having a boring fireplace does nothing for the look and feel of a living room. There are things that you can do to spice up your fireplace a little bit. You will not have to spend a lot of money to make your fireplace more enjoyable again.

A fireplace can look the way you want it too.
  1. Install designer rock on the brick or the plywood of your fireplace. This will give your fireplace a whole new look. You can purchase this material at any home improvement store. The brand and quality you decide on will determine the price.

  2. Build a mantel. If you already have a mantel around the fireplace, take it down and build a new one. A mantel brings out a unique look of your fireplace. You can build one that wraps around or just one that sits on top. There are a lot of designs you can put into your mantel also. Materials and plans can be purchased at your local home improvement store.

  3. Paint the brick or plywood on your fireplace. Keep in mind that if you do this, it is very difficult to get paint off of brick. You can use a color you like or one that matches your walls. Go slow when painting so that you have good results. Sometimes a few coats are needed to properly cover up the brick.

  4. Tear down and redesign. Get rid of everything on and around your fireplace. This includes the mantel if you have one. Also remove the brick and the surrounding stone. You can choose what features and options you would like to have. If you are not sure how to build or tear down, seek out a professional.

  5. Decorate your fireplace area if you prefer not to do anything to drastic, like building something new or tearing something down. You can decorate the way you want to. If you have a mantel, put up pictures, candles and plants.


  • When decorating, be careful that nothing can start on fire when you use your fireplace.