How to Make Faux Bamboo

If you are looking to redecorate a room with an Asian or jungle theme, you will definitely want to accent your room with some bamboo pieces. Bamboo is beautiful and fits in nicely with Asian decor or a jungle themed room and looks great outside as well. Bamboo is an exotic wood, however, and can be quite expensive.This easy faux finish can transform any piece of affordable PVC pipe into a very believable piece of bamboo with very few supplies.You can easily cut the PVC pipe into any desired length to create many types of craft projects such as mirror or picture frames, hang on walls, make jewelry boxes, and more. The sky is the limit with this project because the PVC pipe is so strong and versatile. Think about using it to create beautiful furniture such as tables, chairs, lamps and more!

  1. After laying out all of your materials on a large, flat work surface, begin by lightly sanding the PVC pipe to give the primer something to hold on to. You will also want to sand the bottom and top of the pipe so that you do not end up with unnatural rough edges on your piece of bamboo. This will assure that your stain does not chip off and your piece will last.

  2. Apply a thin layer of primer to the entire piece of PVC pipe and let it dry thoroughly.

  3. With hot glue, form the joints of the bamboo randomly around the PVC pipe. Let the glue dry.

  4. With a paint brush, apply a thin layer of varnish to the pipe to mimic the texture of a piece of bamboo. Let the varnish dry for 24 hours.Bamboo is usually light in color, so choose a varnish color such as oak to give a better bamboo look.

  5. Once the varnish has dried thoroughly, apply a thin layer of brown or black craft paint to the joints and immediately whip off the excess. The paint should stick to the cracks and crevices of the joints for an authentic bamboo look.


  • Always wear safety goggles and a dusk mask when cutting or sanding.
  • Varnish and paint in a well ventilated area.

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