How to Clean Aluminum MAG Wheels

Keep your car looking it's best when you maintain your Aluminum MAG wheels. The wheels on your car are constantly exposed to to road debris, brake dust and corrosive materials such as road salt. This makes your wheels look dull and dirty and detracts from the overall appearance of your car. Learn how to clean your aluminum MAG wheels. Extend the life of your wheels and restore their shine.

Clean Aluminum MAG Wheels
  1. Check your wheels. Make sure your brakes are cool before you clean your aluminum MAG wheels. If you spray cold water on hot brakes, your rotors may warp. Spraying cold water on a warm wheels will also cause spotting.

  2. Spray down each aluminum MAG wheel with a water hose to remove as much brake dust and road debris as possible. Use a nozzle attachment on your water hose for higher pressure. Higher pressure helps remove more debris.

  3. Fill a bucket with warm water. Add enough soap to the water so that that it appears sudsy. Drop your terrycloth rag into the warm soapy water to saturate it. Remove the rag from the bucket and rub it along the surface of each wheel. Clean as much of the dust and debris with the rag as you can. Use a brush with a long handle for spokes and the hard to reach crevices. Test a small area on the wheel with the brush's bristles to make sure the brush is not too abrasive.

  4. Apply an aluminum cleaner to your MAG wheels. Make sure the cleaner is appropriate for aluminum. Try Mother's Wheel Mist All Wheel, which is available for purchase online at Autobarn and Amsoil.

  5. Make your aluminum MAG wheels shine. Remove each tire and clean the backside of the wheels. When you clean the back side of your wheels, they reflect more light off of the spokes and make your wheels look shinier. Use the same method that you used on the front side. Let the wheels dry completely and put the tires back on your car.


  • Avoid any cleaners that contain ammonia. Ammonia-based products cause spotting on aluminum wheels.