How to Not Spend Money

The key to saving money is to not spend it. After all, you have to have some to save it. Not spending will create an appreciation for the times you do spend it.

Pretend your money is locked away so you won't spend it.

Step 1

Learn to say "no" to your children when they ask for you to buy them things. Even small purchases add up over time.

Step 2

Look at the items you have with appreciative eyes and separate "need" from "want." For instance, if your closet is full of clothes, shoes and purses, you don't really need to buy more.

Step 3

Stay at home - and off online shopping sites! This will keep temptation away. Especially stay away from stores when you're feeling down.

Step 4

Eat a homemade dinner at a friend's house instead of going out. You'll still get a change of scenery without the price tag.

Step 5

Avoid going out with people who spend freely.

Step 6

Remind yourself of the eventual use for your saved money. Then that stack of clothes worth $200 might not be so appealing.

Step 7

Entertain yourself via free events, strolling parks or home projects.

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