How to Create a Fruit Fly Trap

This is one of the most basic fruit fly traps you will ever see, but it works like a charm and is less expensive and visually offensive than those ugly hanging tapes and traps you can buy from the grocery store. Follow these guidelines to get rid of those annoying pests.

Create a Fruit Fly Trap

Wash a clear drinking glass and dry thoroughly. The ideal glass will have a narrow mouth, and be either short or medium in size.

Take a small piece of paper and fold it into a cone that fits comfortably into your glass. The cone should have a wide top and a very small bottom.

Put a small piece of fruit matter (juice, skin or peel) at the bottom, and then place the cone on top. The flies will be attracted to this small piece of fruit and fly through the cone to get to it, but will be unable to get back out.

Things You Will Need

  • Small drinking glass
  • Square of paper
  • Fruit material


  • Make sure to get rid of whatever food items you have around the house that may be attracting the flies.

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