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How to Sand Semi-Gloss Paint

Jonae Fredericks

If you have ever painted a piece of furniture with semi-gloss paint, only to realize that you are unhappy with the shine that semi-gloss paint produces, there is a solution. You can remove the undesirable sheen without the hassle of repainting the entire surface, by applying a light sanding to the finish of the paint. Sandpaper can reduce the shine, and leave your furniture with more of a matte look that will be more esthetically pleasing.

Sandpaper block
  1. Clean the semi-gloss paint well with a heavy duty cleaner that is capable of removing any dirt, grease, or grime that may have accumulated on the painted surface. A good cleaning will make sanding the semi-gloss paint easier.

  2. Dry the semi-gloss painted area well with a soft cloth before continuing onto the sanding step. Leaving the area wet with cleaner will interfere with the sanding, lessening the power of the sandpaper.

  3. Sand the semi-gloss paint with fine-grit sandpaper in order remove the shine. Continue sanding, replacing dulled sandpaper with a fresh piece whenever necessary.

  4. Run a dry, soft cloth over the semi-gloss painted surface to remove the dust and residue that may have accumulated due to the sanding. If you notice any shiny sections that you may have missed, sand the area again and then wipe the area again with the cloth.

  5. Wash the wall once again, this time with a mild soap such as, liquid dish detergent diluted in a pail of water. Gently wash the area with a soapy rag. Rinse and dry it well. If the semi-gloss paint still has too much sheen, repeat the process again.