How to Frame a Large Bathroom Mirror

Framing a bathroom mirror will provide a furniture-like finish to your bathroom decor. This technique will allow you to frame your mirror without removing it from the wall.

  1. If the mirror is held up by clear mirror clips, you will need to change to a clip that can go behind the mirror. Any mirror store can assist you with the proper mounting clip so that the moulding will be able to sit around the mirror without leaving a gap.

  2. Once the mirror is mounting flat to the wall, measure all 4 sides and add 1/8". Make a note of the measurement of each side.

  3. Go to Home Depot or Lowes with your measurements. Select any decorative moulding you like. You may use pre-finished or natural wood if you plan to paint to match your vanity or other bath furniture. You also have the option of choosing foan moulding. Have the store cut the moulding to your measurements with the corners mitered. If you have your own mitering saw, you can do this yourself. Home Depot provides cut and miter service free.

  4. If you plan to paint the moulding, paint and let dry thoroughly before installing. Start with the bottom piece. If the mirror is touching the top of the vanity, use wood glue to attach the moulding to the mirror. Use the finish nails on the ends that are not touching the mirror to attach to the wall. Install the sides next. Butt the mitered ends together and the butt the moulding to the mirror. Do not overlap the sides on top of the mirror. Use the finish nails to attach to the wall. Install the top piece. Butt the piece to the mirror and the sides. Use the finish nails to attach to the wall. If using foam moulding the steps are the same, except use the double-sided tape to attach the moulding to the mirror at the bottom and the wall on sides and top.

  5. When all 4 sides are installed,look at the mitered edges. If there are any slight gaps, fill in with wood putty. Touch up the paint. You now have a framed mirror. Enjoy!

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