How to Clean Hunter Douglas Blinds

Hunter Douglas blinds are well-recognized in the field as high-quality, durable blinds.

They are not cheap and you will want to protect your investment by caring for them properly. These steps will tell you how to clean Hunter-Douglas blinds. .

Choose a cleaning method consistent for the type of blinds you have. Hunter Douglas makes blinds in hardwoods, alternative woods and metal.

Use a feather duster for all three types every time you vacuum the room. Position the blinds so the slats are parallel and dust each slat carefully from left to right. If the blinds are vertical, go from top to bottom. This weekly cleaning will prevent you from having to do any further cleaning of the Hunter-Douglas blinds.

Clean with a slightly damp cloth or sponge if there is a storm that splatters the blinds or something spills on the blinds. Dry them carefully with a dry cloth. Clean very dirty aluminum blinds with a spray solution of vinegar and water. Lightly spray each slat and wipe dry.

Clean with a treated cloth, such as a Swifter, if you miss a few cleanings and there is visible dust. Go over the whole blind, slat by slat, changing cloths when one gets full of dust.

Vacuum blinds with a clean round brush each time you vacuum the room as an alternative to dusting. Rinse the brush bristles and dry carefully in between cleanings to make sure the brush does not deposit more dust on the blinds instead of cleaning them.

Things You Will Need

  • Feather duster
  • Static cleaning cloths
  • Wet sponge
  • Vacuum with a round brush attachment
  • Cotton or wool gloves or mittens


  • Enlist your kids to help. Give them each an old cotton or wool glove and have them gently race through a pair of blinds to see who can finish first.


  • Do not be deceived by advice that tells you to take the blinds down and wash them in a tub. Although it sounds efficient, this method ends up taking longer and doing more damage than the slat-by-slat method. Nothing replaces the weekly dusting with duster, cloth or vacuum attachment. Do not buy blinds if you are not willing to do this.