How to Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Totally replacing your kitchen cabinets can become quite expensive. Often, it isn't even necessary. Some paint can completely change the look of the cabinets and make them appear fresh and new. You can spray-paint them yourself and save on labor--an excellent option if you are trying to fix up your home and you are on a budget.

Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets
  1. Empty out your cabinets and give them a cleaning. You don't want to spray-paint over dirt.

  2. Take off the cabinet doors. This job is easy, but tedious if you have a lot of cabinets.

  3. Remove the hinges from the cabinets and set them aside.

  4. Unscrew the cabinets from the wall. You will need a helper for this job. Someone can hold up the cabinet until all of the screws have been undone. Then move on to the next one.

  5. Sand your cabinets and doors. Use a medium-grit sander and get all the lacquer off. Once you finish, go over them again with a fine-grit sander. They will then be smooth and ready for painting.

  6. Lay a drop cloth outside and prop up your kitchen cabinet doors with some pieces of wood.

  7. Shake your spray-paint can well, then hold it about 1 foot away from the cabinet doors and start spraying. Spray from left to right to keep your strokes even. After the first coat is finished, wait for it to dry.

  8. Spray-paint the cabinets next the same way you painted the doors. You don't need to worry about the back, because it will be up against the wall.

  9. Add a second coat when the first coat is dry.

  10. Add a coat of lacquer when the last coat of paint is dry. This will protect the paint. (You can buy lacquer in spray-paint form at your local hardware store.)

  11. Replace the cabinets and then the doors.


  • Wear a face mask so you don't breathe in any paint fumes. Wear clothes you don't care about in case any of the paint gets on you.