How to Clean Cast Iron Enameled Sinks

Cast iron enameled sinks are a delicate material. They can scratch easily and break down over time. However, if you take the proper method to clean this substance, it can last for decades. With regular household items and hard work, you can clean and maintain your cast iron enameled sinks for years to come. Using abrasive cleaners can wear down the cast iron and it will stay dull or lifeless. It takes approximately 20 minutes twice a week to maintain this material.

  1. Pour a quarter-size amount of the degreaser dish soap on your cloth. Several liquid dish soaps offer degreaser properties. These include Dawn as well as Palmolive. Rub the washcloth together to spread the soap around the rag.

  2. Wipe the cast iron enameled sink with the cloth. You will want to lather the sink with the soap. Cover every part from top to bottom. Pay close attention to the dirtiest parts of the sink. Use more soap if the lather is running thin.

  3. Use the soft bristle brush to scrub the sink. Remember, harsh abrasives can cause damage to the cast iron enamel. The brush will scrub any stuck-on food particles or remove hard water spots. Scour the dish soap into the cast iron to remove all the dirt that may be present.

  4. Rinse the soap off the cast iron enameled sinks. If you have a dish sprayer, you can use that to remove all of the soap. If you do not, use a glass, cup or pitcher to rinse the sink well. Remember to remove all of the leftover dish soap off the sink.

  5. Let air dry. If you want a spot-free sink, use a towel to dry all the water. Repeat steps 1 to 4 if there is still some dirt left.


  • If the cast iron enameled sink is emerged in water for long periods, over time it can begin rusting.
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