How to Install a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

You're remodeling your bathroom and are ready to install the vanity.

Bathroom Vanity
It's not as complicated as it looks and will only take about half an hour. .

Use the stud finder to mark the studs where the back of the vanity will be attached. Mark slightly above the top of the vanity and repeat on each stud--approximately 16 inches apart and two studs for every 3 feet of vanity width.

Lift the vanity over the water lines and drain and place it against the wall. This may require a helper if the new vanity is larger than 32 inches wide.

Level the vanity, using shims under the bottom edges to correct any sloping of the vanity top. The shims will be hidden by trim when you finish the floor.

Secure the vanity to the wall, using the 2½ inch screws and rechecking the levelness as you go. Attach two screws to each stud, placing the first screw 2 inches below the top of the vanity and the second screw 12 inches below the first.

Run a thin line of caulk along the sides and bottom of the vanity. Smooth the caulk with a wet finger to finish the job.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure Stud finder Level Shims 4 2 ½ inch wall screws for each 3 feet of vanity width Screwdriver Tub and tile caulk


  • If you plan on replacing the bathroom floor, install the flooring before you install the vanity but install the floor trim after the vanity cabinet is in place.

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