How to Make a Wooden DVD Rack

The DVD is today's standard media type for movies, computer software and video games. If you are a movie or video game collector, you already have or will have a substantial DVD collection. Both of these categories use the same size case to hold the discs. Building a small to large rack out of wood to house all your DVDs is possible with a few steps. The following instructions are designed to assist you with this.

Planning and Designing Your DVD Rack

Step 1

Before starting on the construction of your rack, figure out if you will use the rack just for your movies on DVD or if movies and video games both will be stored on it. Movies and video games use the same type of case. Some computer programs also use this case. Calculate a rough estimate of how many DVDs you want the rack to hold and perhaps figure in extra room for future DVD purchases.

Step 2

After you figure out the number of DVDs the rack will hold, it is time to start calculating shelf space. Use this formula: three DVDs for every two inches of space on the shelf. This will result in room for a few extra DVDs on each shelf, too.

Step 3

Decide if you want the rack to be tall and skinny or short and wide. If a large number of DVDs will be placed on it, it may be tall and wide. Calculate the number of shelves by taking the overall shelf length for all your DVDs and dividing that by the width you want the rack to be minus 1 1/2 inches. So if you want a width of 4 feet, you will use 3 ft 10 1/2 inches for the shelf length.

Step 4

Take the number of shelves and multiply that by 9 inches, which gives you the height of the rack. 9 inches is the space between the surface of one shelf and the surface of the next one above it.

Building Your DVD Rack

Step 1

Take the sheets of wood and start measuring and drawing out the shelves first. Use a shelf depth of 6 inches and use your calculated lengths (6" x the length).

Step 2

Next, draw out the sides of your shelf. Calculate the length using 9" and multiplying it by the number of shelves (9" times the number of shelves). Use a width of 7 inches.

Step 3

Draw out the bottom and top of the rack using the same 7" width. The dimensions are 7" by the overall width of the rack from left to right.

Step 4

Next is the back of your rack. Use the overall length and width of the entire rack for the dimensions of this piece.

Step 5

Cut all the pieces of the rack with your circular saw and use a wood stain to enhance the wood if desired.

Step 6

Next, install the shelf brackets to the sides of the rack. To do this, measure up 9 inches from the bottom of the sides and attach two brackets one inch inward from each edge. Repeat up 9 inches for every shelf and install all brackets.

Step 7

Assemble the sides, top and bottom with screws. Make sure the sides are screwed in between the top and bottom. The top and bottom will expand the entire width of the rack.

Step 8

Attach the back panel. Screw about every 6 inches all the way around to make the rack sturdy.

Step 9

Stand the rack up and lay your shelves on the brackets. Your rack is now ready!