How to Hang a Large Mirror

Mirrors are both decorative and practical, and can make a small room feel larger. Hanging a small mirror is easy and can be done simply with proper weighted picture hooks. However, hanging a larger mirror is a bit more precarious and should be done with the utmost caution and precision so that the mirror does not fall and possibly shatter. It is a two-person job, where it is essential that the proper steps be taken to hang it safely and straight.

Install Hanger Hardware on the Mirror

Hang a Large Mirror
  1. Measure the height of your mirror and mark one fifth of the way down on the wood frame on each side. Be sure the marks are exactly the same distance from the top on each side.

  2. Screw in a D-ring on either side. You can use a small drill bit to get it started, but do not go too deep. When screwing in the D-ring, you want it to be tight, but do not crack the frame by over tightening.

  3. Attach the mirror wire. A mirror wire is made up of smaller wires intertwined together. Do not untwist them. Loop one end on a D-ring and tie a secure knot, leaving about 1 1/2 inches on one side. Twist the short end to the longer end of the wire with pliers so the wire does not unravel later. Take the longer end and tie a knot on the other side, leaving no slack. Cut off excess, except 1 1/2 inches, and twist that to the longer side again.

Install Hanging Hardware on the Wall

  1. Hold up the mirror at the desired location and have someone lightly mark a spot at the top center with a pencil. Next, measure down the same distance that your D-rings are from the top of your mirror frame and mark. Use a level to lightly draw a straight line at that height.

  2. Find the studs in the area you plan to hang the mirror. (If you are not using studs, skip to the next step.) Mark an X on the penciled line on the two middle studs that are half the distance apart as the width of your mirror. Double check to make sure the two X's are level and hammer in picture hooks that are weighted for your mirror. Hang your mirror carefully with two people.

  3. Screw in molly bolts to hang your mirror directly onto drywall. If you have an exact location where you want your mirror (e.g. above a mantel) and the studs are not where you need them, you will need to use molly bolts that are weighted properly for your mirror. Find the exact center on the penciled line where you want your mirror and measure about one quarter of the width of your mirror in one direction and one quarter in the other direction. Double-check to make sure the two X's are level and screw in your molly bolts that are weighted for your mirror. Remove the screws from the molly bolts and hang your mirror carefully with two people.

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