How to Clean Light Colored Carpet Quickly

Cleaning light colored carpet can be as simple and easy as vacuuming it regularly and having it professionally cleaned once a year. Stains on light carpet are particularly noticeable. The key to treating spills and messes is quick action with a spot remover that's specifically recommended for your carpet, but there are other simple and effective methods that also clean spots quickly.

  1. Carefully blot any excess spills quickly with a clean cloth or paper towel. Be careful not to work stains into the carpet.

  2. Make a solution using dish detergent and room temperature water. Blot the area and rinse. Try not to get the carpet backing wet. Fold three or four clean paper towels and place them on the wet spot, weighing them down to absorb the moisture.

  3. Rub a wet toothbrush over a bar of Ivory Soap to make a foam. Scrub the spot with the toothbrush, rinse and place paper towels over the spot to absorb the moisture.

  4. Remove ink from carpets by spraying the area with hair spray and blotting with a paper towel. Use a small amount of hair spray and stop immediately if the stain spreads.

  5. Apply white, foamy shaving cream to mud stains. Let it sit for a few minutes and then blot it up.

  6. Treat grease stains with a 50/50 mixture of water, household ammonia and a drop or two of liquid detergent. Use a wet vac to extract as much of the stain as possible. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

  7. Clean coffee and tea stains by wetting the area with club soda. Let it sit a few moments then blot it up.

  8. Cover a red wine stain with table salt and let it sit. Vacuum up the salt and treat any remaining stain with soapy water and a clean cloth or paper tower.


  • Stop if the spot treatment seems to be making the stain worse.