How to Make Cushions for a Wooden Rocking Chair

Susan Miller

Cushions for wooden rocking chairs can be quite expensive, even in discount department stores. If you want a cushion that is like no other, and made to your specific taste and decor, make your own. It's not difficult but does take some time and effort. If you can sew a seam, you can make a cushion to fit your rocking chair. And think of all the money you will save!

Sew a comfortable cushion for your rocking chair.

Step 1

Place a large piece of paper over the seat for which you will be making a cushion. Outline the seat on the paper using a marker in a color you can easily see. Cut out this pattern. Pin this pattern to another piece of newspaper and cut out the same shape, adding a 5/8-inch seam allowance all around. This will be your cushion pattern. Save the first pattern for the quilt batting.

Step 2

Fold the cushion fabric with right sides of the fabric together. Pin the larger cushion pattern (the one with the seam allowance) to the fabric and cut out carefully. You will have two pieces.

Step 3

Determine how thick you wish your cushion to be. Using your smaller cushion pattern, cut enough layers of quilt batting to achieve this thickness. Using heavy-duty thread, baste the quilt batting layers together to keep them from shifting.

Step 4

Measure the thickness of the quilt batting layers and add 1-1/4 inches to that measurement (the 1-1/4 inches is for the 5/8-inch seam allowance at top and bottom). Measure the circumference of the quilt batting layers. Using these measurements, cut a strip of fabric the length of the circumference and as wide as the distance between the top and bottom plus 1-1/4 inches.

Step 5

Pin the fabric strip to the top cushion piece with right sides facing. Stitch one side of the strip to the circumference of the cushion piece.

Step 6

Pin the other side of the strip to the bottom cushion piece and stitch all around the circumference, leaving a large enough opening to stuff in the quilt batting layers and position them properly. Turn the stitched fabric right side out. Insert the quilt batting layers, then finish stitching the cushion together, either by machine or by hand using a slip stitch.

Step 7

Sew ties into the seam at the back of the cushion to tie the cushion securely in place on the chair.

Step 8

Sew through all the layers of quilt batting and fabric using heavy-duty thread if you want your cushion to be tufted. Cut the thread and tie it securely.