How to Faux Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets can make or break the look of your kitchen. However, new custom kitchen cabinets can cost a small fortune! For an updated kitchen that doesn't cost a lot of money, you'd be surprised at how fast and easy faux painting your kitchen cabinets can be. You can give your old cabinets the look of new mahogany wood cabinets in one afternoon, leaving your guests inspired to try the look themselves in their own homes.

Faux Paint Kitchen Cabinets
  1. Remove the doors from all of the cabinets. Clean them with soap and water and dry thoroughly.

  2. Apply two coats of primer and two coats of the peachy orange satin paint to all of the kitchen cabinets and doors. Use the paint roller to apply one coat at a time, letting each coat dry thoroughly before moving onto the next. Use a paintbrush to get into tight areas such as corners and other small areas.

  3. Apply the fist of two colors of semigloss paint to both the cabinets and the doors. Pour some of the burnt sienna paint into the paint tray. Use the 3-inch paintbrush to apply the paint to the cabinets in long, continuous strokes. Do not lift up the brush since this will interfere with the wood grain that you are trying to achieve.

  4. Apply one or two coats of the burnt sienna paint according to how much of the wood grain look you want to achieve.

  5. Apply the final color, which is the burnt umber, to the doors and cabinets using the second 3-inch paintbrush. Use the same continuous brush stroke to create the look of wood grain to the cabinets. Allow to dry thoroughly.

  6. Roll on two coats of the semigloss varnish. The varnish will give the cabinets a glossy look and make them water-resistant.

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