How to Oil a Framing Nailer

Framing nailers are very simple machines in their design: they are basically just air-driven pistons. And like the pistons of a gasoline engine, the piston in a framing nailer needs to be lubricated regularly. All it takes is a few drops in the right place.

FramrPro 702XP by Senco
  1. Remove any nails from the nailer if it is loaded according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  2. Disconnect the framing nailer from the air hose if connected. Tip the nailer up so the air hose coupling points up.

  3. Open the bottle of pneumatic oil and squeeze two to four drops of oil into the hose coupling.

  4. Hook the nailer back up to the air hose. Pull the trigger three to five times so the piston can cycle the oil through.

  5. Reload the nailer with nails and continue working.