How to Use a Staple Remover

Without the proper tools, removing staples from upholstery can be a daunting task. With a staple remover, however, it is quite easy. Unlike the staple remover used to separate pages of a document, an upholstery staple remover looks like a screwdriver with a forked end that somewhat resembles the claw of a hammer.

Use a Staple Remover
  1. Expose the staples. Upholstery staples should not normally be visible, though exposing them can sometimes be as simple as turning the furniture upside down. In other cases, it might be necessary to remove a fabric covering.

  2. Insert the staple remover. One staple at a time, begin by inserting one of the staple remover's claws underneath the staple, between it and the wood of the furniture. If this is difficult to do by hand, use the mallet to tap the staple remover into place. Proper placement is to have one claw of the staple remover under the staple and one outside it.

  3. Twist the staple remover. By simply torquing the staple remover toward the claw that is not under the staple, the staple will be lifted up away from the wood.

  4. Yank out the staple. Use the pliers to finish the job, lifting the staple out of the furniture.

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