How to Remove Floor Tiles From Concrete

Many people assume that it's a back-breaking job to remove tile from a concrete floor, but nothing could be further from the truth. With a little bit of planning and the right tools, this nightmare job can turn into a fun little weekend project that will give you the chance to turn your floor into something new and exciting.

  1. Pick an area to start. Using the demolition hammer, ease the chisel into a grout joint between two tiles. Be careful to avoid digging into the concrete underneath the tile itself. There will be a layer of thinset mortar between the tile and the concrete, and your goal is to simply pop the tile and thinset up off of the concrete.

  2. Using the vibration of the demolition hammer, let the chisel head "skim" the surface of the concrete floor, using side-to-side sweeping motions to keep it from eating into the thinset and popping the material up off the floor.

  3. Use the hammer and pry bar as necessary in tight corners or around sensitive areas, such as the sliding glass doors common in basements.

  4. Continue using the demolition hammer until you have finished the area.

  5. If the tile is particularly fragile, you may need to ease the chisel underneath the tile at an angle. However, this should not be necessary, as most concrete slabs make for an easy and clean demolition.


  • Never forget to wear proper protective gear when doing demolition. This includes eye, hand, ear and foot protection. When using a vibrating tool like the demolition hammer, avoid using it for prolonged lengths of time.
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