How to Replace the Seat on a Director's Chair

The canvas of a director's chair will probably wear out before the frame does. If that happens, a replacement piece can be located to be put in place of the defective piece of canvas that stretches between the two wooden struts on the seat of the chair. This replacement piece could be purchased from a local retail store (where you purchased the chair) or home-made. Regardless, replacing the seat is a very simple process, given the construct of the chair.

  1. Pull the two upright posts of the chair together until the whole of the canvas backing goes slack.

  2. Pull the old backing straight up and toward you. When the back is removed the two posts will swing outward until they point to the ground. A pair of hinges holds the posts in place normally.

  3. Slide the seat toward you. Stand in front of the chair or behind.

  4. Clean out the old track so that there is no debris inside.

  5. Acquire a new piece of canvas that matches the old piece of canvas. Return to the retailer where you originally purchased the chair and acquire another piece. If you are handy with a sewing machine, it is possible to make a new piece to match. However, many will find the task goes much faster with the purchase of a new seat.

  6. Slide the new (seat) piece into the groove or slot at the base of the chair frame. Make sure the canvas slides until it completely fills the full length of the groove.

  7. Return the vertical posts to the upright position and then pull them in close until the back slides over two posts. This piece of canvas will have two sleeves that will slide into place, once a little extra inward force is applied to the top of the two posts.


  • Make sure the two tracts that hold the ends of the seat is completely free of any debris before installing the new piece of canvas.