How to Upholster a Coffee Table

Give your coffee table a chic update with modern faux fur fabric for a high-end look on a budget that is certain to be a conversation starter.

Faux Fur Upholstered Coffee Table

Take a coffee table from ordinary to fabulous with a simple faux fur update. Though the table is fine on it's own, adding beautiful faux fur fabric will give you a high-end look and be a sure conversation starter every time someone enters your room.


You will need enough foam to fit the exact size of your tabletop. There should be enough batting to fully cover the table with enough extra fabric to go under the top of the table on all four sides. Some fabric stores sell the upholstery foam by the yard or you can purchase pre-cut squares.

    Measure and Pick Fabric

  1. Measure your table and pick out a beautiful fabric.

  2. Before Faux fur fabric Foam squares

    Remove Table Base and Prep

  3. Spread out a blanket on the floor to protect the tabletop and flip the table over. Unscrew the tabletop and remove the base.

  4. Flip table over Unscrew tabletop Remove base

    Lay Out Fur, Foam and Batting

  5. Lay out the faux fur with the fur face down and place the foam on top. Put the batting on top of the foam to act as a layer between the foam and the tabletop. This will protect the top of the table in case you ever want to remove the fur and use the table in its original state.

  6. Arrange fur and foam on the floor Add batting

    Trim Fabric

  7. Trim the fur to fit your table.

  8. Tip

    For cutting faux fur, make a small cut and then rip the fabric all the way down. This will keep the fur from unraveling. If it still sheds, run a small line of glue with a hot glue gun along the edge of the cut fabric.

    Cut fabric to size

    Glue Batting and Fabric Down

  9. Use your glue gun to glue the batting to the underside edge of the tabletop.

  10. Tip

    If you have a table where the base can't be removed, use a staple gun to attach the batting and fabric underneath of the tabletop.

    Hot glue batting to edge of the tabletop Hot glue batting to edge of the tabletop

    Place the Nails and Finish Gluing

  11. Stick a nail through the batting and into the holes to mark where the screws will go.

  12. Put a nail through the batting into the screw hole
  13. Next, remove the nail from the batting and push it through the faux fur. Pull the fabric tight and glue it on top of the batting. Push the nails into holes and leave them in until it's time to connect the base.

  14. Put nail through the fabric and batting into the screw hole
  15. Fold in the corners like you're wrapping a present and glue them down. Repeat these steps around the entire tabletop.

  16. Fold in corners and glue Fold in corners and glue Complete the gluing and inserting nails

    Punch Holes for Screws

  17. Once the fabric is secure and the glue is dry, remove the nails and make a larger hole in the fabric using an X-acto knife. Poke the screw through the fabric and batting to make sure it fits.

  18. Tip

    If the screws do not go in easily, remove them and make a bigger hole in the fabric with the X-acto knife.

    Punch a hole in the fabric where screws go in Insert the screw to make sure it will go in the hole

    Re-attach Table Base and Enjoy Your Table

  19. Re-attach the table base to the top using an allen wrench. Flip the table over and accessorize.

  20. Put the table base onto the table top and screw together Style table with accessories Admire your handy work Put your feet up