How to Rekey a Kwikset Lock

Maybe you like having a bundle of keys on your key chain, making you look like a school custodian; but you would probably feel better if you could reduce your key load by having your doors all open with the same key.

In the past you had to call a locksmith to rekey, which would involve a large bill and probably somewhat of a wait. Kwikset Corporation has now made a lock that makes rekeying not only fast and easy, but also inexpensive. .

Install the lock or locks you wish to rekey. The Kwikset Smartkey tool works with all Kwikset Smartkey-compatible locks.

Insert your existing key into the lock, and turn to the right 1/4 turn.

Push the Smartkey tool into the Smartkey tool hole just above the key when turned 1/4 turn to the right. Make sure you push the Smartkey tool in firmly and all the way.

Remove the Smartkey tool, and pull out the old key. Do not rotate the key to remove. If the key does not come out, reinsert the Smartkey tool as in Step 3 and then remove the key.

Teach the lock the new key's configuration by inserting the new key into the lock fully; then turn the key 1/4 turn to the left and back to the right 1/4 turn.

Turn the new key to the left 1/4 turn and remove.

Insert your new key, and test to make sure it works in the lock.

Repeat this process on all other Kwikset locks in your house.

Things You Will Need

  • Smartkey tool


  • If you change all the locks in your house to Smartkey locks, you will be able to get by with carrying just one house key on your key chain.


  • After giving out your key to contractors, baby sitters, neighbors and others, make sure it is returned, or you may have to rekey all your locks again.

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