How to Measure Furniture to Reupholster

If you can't afford to replace your outdated couch or no longer like the fabric on a favorite chair, don't despair:--reupholster! An affordable way to reupholster any piece of furniture is to measure the piece and buy the material you need. This way, you have numerous options and can take advantage of sales at a local fabric store instead of relying on an upholsterer, who will mark up fabric prices. Just be sure to measure correctly to avoid buying too much or too little fabric for the job.

Measuring Furniture for Reupholstering

  1. Draw a large, rough sketch of the front and back views of the piece of furniture you want to reupholster.

  2. Measure from the top center of the piece down to the bottom center, then measure the full width. Note these measurements on the sketch of the back view.

  3. Take out any cushions and measure from the top center down to the seat. Note this measurement on the drawing of the front view.

  4. Measure the width of the back of the piece and mark this on your drawing. Then measure any cushions and note these on your drawing separately. For example, three cushions at 2 feet by 2 feet by 8 inches tall.

  5. Measure the length and width of the seat, and both inside and outside arms. Fill in these measurements on your drawing.

  6. Take your drawing to a local fabric store and ask for assistance in choosing an upholstery fabric suitable to your needs. Based on your measurements, ask the sales person to help you determine the proper yardage needed. Ask for her advice on securing the fabric to the frame of the furniture piece.

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