How to Upholster a Bentwood Round Chair

Bentwood round chairs have a unique, vintage quality and look great with colorful seats. If you own Bentwood round chairs and want to change their look, consider upholstering the seats. You might even use a paisely pattern on 2 chairs and a solid color taken from the paisley print for the other 2 chairs to create a set of chairs that are individual to your style without much expense or hard work. Read on for easy to follow instructions on transforming your Bentwood seats into upholstered beauties.

Flip the chair over and detach the seat using your screwdriver.

Lay the seat on the wrong side of your fabric in the center to make sure you have enough fabric.

Lift the seat up partway from the fabric and place batting beneath the seat. Gently lower the seat and adjust so that the batting is spread evenly over the seat. Excess batting should protrude from the seat all around.

Grasp fabric at the top-center of the seat, pull towards the seat with the batting and staple. Now, firmly pull the fabric and batting on the opposite end and staple so the seat cover will be taut.

Pull tightly and work your way around the seat, stapling the fabric and batting securely to the bottom of the seat. Once you're finished, reattach the seat to the chair using your screwdriver and admire your new chair.

Things You Will Need

  • Fabric
  • Batting
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Screwdriver


  • If you have a set of Bentwood chairs, consider choosing contrasting fabric colors or patterns, perhaps 2 solid colored seats paired with 2 patterned seats to create interest.

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