How to Build a Pushcart

Pushcarts are handy to have around the home as they can be used for everything from transporting tools from shed to garden to easing the work of moving heavy items from car to front door. A homemade pushcart is a simple project that can be built with scrap lumber, a few pieces of hardware and limited woodworking skills.

  1. Lay out the 1x6 boards side-by-side and measure in approximately 2 inches from each end; make a mark with chalk, pencil or marker on each board.

  2. Lay each of the 2x4s flat on your work surface and position the 1x6s on top with the outer edge of the 2x4 even with the marks on the 1x6.

  3. Nail the 1x6s to the 2x4s using 8-penny nails. This creates the bed of your pushcart.

  4. Drill a hole in the center of each end of the 2x4 at least 3 inches deep.

  5. Run a lag or carriage bolt through the center hole of a lawnmower wheel and secure the bolt into the drilled hole of the 2x4. Repeat with the other three wheels.

  6. Cut the 1x2 into two 24-inch sections and one 18-inch piece.

  7. Secure one of the 24-inch sections to one end of the 18-inch piece and the other 24-inch section to the opposite end. This forms your push handle for your cart.

  8. Attach the handle to one end of the cart, using 8-penny nails driven from the underside of the cart into the 1x2 ends.