How to Add an Awning Over a Back Door

Over door awnings are both attractive and functional details to add to a home's exterior. They shield the doorstep or porch from rain, snow and sun and provide overhead shelter when unlocking the door and entering the home. Installing an awning kit over the back door is a relatively easy job for a do-it-yourselfer. With just a few common tools, you should be able to be complete the job in an hour or two, depending on the size of the awning.

Header Frame and Placement

  1. Measure the top width of the door and make a pencil mark on the wall at the center line of the back door to serve as the mounting guide. Take the width measurement of the awning frame and transfer those measurements onto the wall, centering on the door center mark you made previously. Use a tape to measure up 80 to 86 inches from the porch to establish the height placement of the awning; the open door must clear the bottom lip of the awning.

  2. Lift the header frame to the wall above the back door and align it on center with the door and awning marks. With a pencil, mark the drill holes through the mounting board. Remove the mounting board and predrill guide holes. Put the mounting header back in place and affix with screws, checking as you go to be sure the header is level.

  3. Mount side arm struts or brackets with screws to each end of the header mount at the appropriate holes. Fasten down the side edge arms to the brackets with the supplied screws or bolts and nuts.

  4. Fasten the back door awning canopy to the header mounting bracket at the top center, then move out toward each end of the awning along the header bracket. Make sure to maintain level placement while securing .

  5. Fasten the back door awning canopy to the front end of the arm struts with the provided screws or bolt and nuts. Again, check for level as you make the connections.