How to Adjust Garage Door Tension

Most homes have garages and each garage has a door. If the springs are not tight or the tension is too loose, the door will not easily open and close. After a certain amount of time, the tension will need to be adjusted or the garage door will need to be replaced. Adjusting the tension to the garage door isn't difficult, and it will help save money.

  1. Disconnect the garage door opener. Pull the string that hangs near the front where the garage door opens. This will unhook the latch that automatically brings the door up.

  2. Open the garage door. Use vice grip to hold the door open by placing the grip where the door slides. Place a grip on each side of the garage door.

  3. Adjust the cable. There is a cable on each side of the door that will come loose when the door is up. This cable allows you to adjust the tension of the garage door. Take the cable out of the bracket hole that sits in on each side of the garage door and put it into a hole closer to the opening of the door. This will increase the tension of the garage door.

  4. Check the cables to see if they are still too loose. If they still have too much flexibility, take the cable out of the hole and pull the cable through its fitting. Pull more of the cable through its fitting to tighten the tension.

  5. Place the cable on each side of the garage door back into the bracket holes. Reconnect the door opener by tugging on the cord once again until it snaps back into its latch. If the cord doesn't automatically connect to the latch, place the cord back into the bracket that holds the cord and close the latch.

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