How to Get Rid of Termites in a House

Termites (also called white ants) are destructive pests that feed on wood.

If you see mud tunnels on your house foundation or see eaten holes in wood, you may have a termite infestation. If you find a swarm of light-colored insects that are about the size of grains of rice, you definitely have termites. Before they destroy your home, you need to take action. .

Use a termiticide, such as Bora-Care, to prevent and get rid of termites in your home. Mix 1 part water with 1 part Bora-Care. Then, spray, brush or roll the chemical on wood, concrete and the foundation of your house to kill termites and help prevent future infestations. Other termiticides include Termidor SC, Phantom Termiticide/Insecticide and Premise 75 Termiticide.

Set-up termite bait stations inside your house wherever you see wood destruction or termite activity. Baits are basically edible paper or cardboard combined with a slow-working poison. This allows the termites to forage and return to the colony, therefore killing the entire population and not just a few. Advance Termite Bait System and FirstLine Termite Defense System are two examples of termite bait. Termite bait stations may be used in conjunction with insecticides designed to eradicate termites.

Repair leaking pipes and eliminate other sources of open water in and around a house to get rid of termites. This includes problems such as outside water faucets that drip. Besides a woody source to feed on, termites need water and are attracted to moist areas.

Repair cracks, crevices and holes in your house foundation to help block the entry of termites and seal the area from moisture. Also, fix leaky pipes and correct any drainage problems that create water around the foundation.

Things You Will Need

  • Termiticide (Bora-Care)
  • Sprayer, brush or roller
  • Termite bait stations
  • Foundation sealers


  • Follow the manufacturer's directions on chemical containers to achieve the best results.


  • Read and heed the warnings on chemicals you use to get rid of termites in your house. They are toxic and dangerous.

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